This equipment is intended to assess the resistance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to cutting by hand-held chainsaws. During the test the specimens are subjected to a moving chainsaw with a certain chain speed and energy, this will enable to study whether the chain cuts through.
As the machine allows to set different cutting speeds and forces, it’s possible use it to perform tests with purpose of developing new materials with high resistance to cutting.
The test equipment comprises basically:
a) a motor and a connecting device that will transfer rotational energy to the saw unit, several cutting speeds can be selected according to the protective devices class;
b) a saw unit with a defined movement of enertia;
c) attachment system for the saw unit;
d) easy operate interchangeable sample holders, allowing several cutting positions;
e) suitable automation instruments.
All moving parts requiring access are protected by a fully interlocked safety gaurd ensurig that the machine is conforms to the European latest safety regulations.

Standards: EN 381-1; EN 381-3; UNI EN ISO 11393-1:2018