Slip resistance is based on the frictional force necessary to keep a shoe or crutch tip from slipping on a walking surface under conditions likely to be found during walking.

The coefficient of friction, which can be measured in several ways and with several test surfaces, provides a close approximation of the slip resistance.
The determination of friction or slip resistance is a procedure that requires the careful and accurate monitoring of several parameters in real time to assure high accuracy on results.

The equipment control software assures the control of the machine and manipulates acquired data according to the parameters required by the suitable test standards. The software interface is also very powerful and extremely user friendly. This equipment allows customers to set up in house facilities for testing the slip resistance behavour of footwear in several surfaces and test conditions.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate, workshop calibration certificate, CE certificate, warranty certificate.
EN ISO 13287; SATRA TM144
Power consumption: 2500 W